[swift-users] How to Debug: Swift 3.1 Optimizations Causes All Sorts of Memory Crashes on My Apps

Felipe Cypriano felipe at cypriano.me
Wed Apr 5 17:13:04 CDT 2017


We have updated our codebase to Xcode 8.3 and to my knowledge that means
we are now using Swift 3.1 compiler. Our first release using it - almost
no change to code since we release very often - had a huge increase in
crashes related to memory all over the codebase. The solution was to
turn off all Swift optimizations. This forum thread is related to the
problem: https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/219236#219236

I have never debugged an compiler related problem so I'm looking into
advice on how to pin point what the problem really is. Why our code
works with -Onone but crashes with both -O and -Owholemodule? Any tips
would be appreciated.


Felipe Cypriano
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