[swift-users] OptionSet as Sequence

J.E. Schotsman jeschot at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 12 11:09:52 CDT 2017


Recently I wrote code like this:

let domains:[FileManager.SearchPathDomainMask] = [.userDomainMask, .localDomainMask, .networkDomainMask]
for domain in domains { … }

But I would prefer this:

let domains:FileManager.SearchPathDomainMask = [.userDomainMask,.localDomainMask, .networkDomainMask] 
for domain in domains { … }

This requires this OptionSet to conform to Sequence.
Would it be possible to generically conform all OptionSets with RawValue:IntegerArithmetic to Sequence?
I’ve tried but it seems to be tricky.

Jan E.

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