[swift-users] Memory Leak of Dictionary used in singleton

Ekaterina Belinskaya kate.belinskaya at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 18:04:14 CST 2017

Hi everyone!

I have singleton. It contains a 2 dictionaries. 

struct Stat {
    var statHash:String
    var displayDescription:String
    var displayName:String
    var displayIcon:String
    var statIdentifier:String

class Singleton {

    static let sharedInstance = Singleton()

    var statsDesc = [String:Stat]()
    var test = [String: String]()

    init() {
        test["a"] = "b"

let singlton = Singleton.sharedInstance
On using the leaks tool, I am getting a memory leak of the second dictionary(String, String).

screenshot of memory graph debugger <http://imgur.com/a/JRcGd>

If i remove dictionaries and write smth like that:

class Singleton {
    static let sharedInstance = Singleton()
    var num: Int
    init() {
        num = 3
leak disappears.

Could someone, please, explain why this happens?

Thanks for the help.

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