[swift-users] Swift 3 segmentation error 11

Don Giovanni don-giovanni at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 10 17:32:05 CST 2017

The following code generates a segmentation error:

      extension Int
        	static prefix func++(i:Int)->Int{
        		return i+1;
        	static prefix func--(i:Int)->Int{
        		return i-1;
        infix operator <-;
        class DynamicList<T>: RangeReplaceableCollection, MutableCollection, BidirectionalCollection
        	var length:Int;
        	var arr:Array<T>?;
        	var startIndex:Int{
        		return 0;
        	var endIndex:Int{
        		return length;
        			return arr![i];
        			arr![i] = newValue;
        	func index(after i: Int) -> Int{
        		return ++i;
        	func index(before i: Int) -> Int{
        		return --i;
        	required init(){
        		length = 0;
        	static func <- (left: inout DynamicList<T>, right: DynamicList<T>){
        	/* func replaceSubrange<C>(_ subrange: Range<Self.Index>, with newElements: C) where C : Collection,
        		C.Iterator.Element == Iterator.Element  */
        	func replaceSubrange<C>(_ subrange: Range<DynamicList.Index>, with c: C)
        	where C : Collection, C.Iterator.Element == DynamicList.Iterator.Element{

My intent here is to have the generic class `DynamicList<T>`

adopt three protocols: 

`class DynamicList<T>: RangeReplaceableCollection, MutableCollection, BidirectionalCollection` 

as indicated in the code above but it generates segmentation error. 

However, when I replace `MutableCollection` with `Collection`, code above complies. 

If I remove `BidirectionalCollection`, the code above compiles with no segmentation error. 

Is it not possible to adopt all 3: 

- RangeReplaceableCollection 
- MutableCollection 
- BidirectionalCollection 

at the same time? Thanks.

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