[swift-users] Searching thru many threads; Linux dev

Ole Begemann ole at oleb.net
Fri Feb 17 07:15:18 CST 2017

On 16/02/2017 04:37, FĂ©lix Fischer via swift-users wrote:
> 1) How do I search through the threads of the mailing list? I'm looking
> for answers to Q2

The best way I've found for searching the archives is Google. Try 
something like:

     linux site:lists.swift.org/pipermail/swift-users


Leave out the trailing "/swift-users" to search across all swift.org 
mailing lists.

> 2) What kind of environment can I set up for programming for Swift on
> Linux? I have a slow, old pc, so I can't quite afford the resources that
> Atom uses.
> I'm mainly looking for an editor that supports Swift Linting.

I can't help you with your specific problem, sorry.

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