[swift-users] [swift-evolution] Plan to move swift-evolution and swift-users mailing lists to Discourse

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Thu Feb 9 03:59:21 CST 2017

Great news — and I guess it's a plus that Discourse isn't PHP but Ruby, as I expect there are quite a lot Rubyists around here.
So, hopefully the issues that might exist (especially with the mail interface) can be addressed to make everyone happy.

Although Discourse looks like a really good fit, I would be interested to hear about other forum solutions as well: It would be a pity if we choose based on popularity only, ignoring alternatives completely just because they aren't that trendy.

- Tino

Anyone interested in starting to write a (possible) long-term solution using server-side Swift? Imho the challenge doesn't look that hard, and I've already been thinking about starting such a toy project to dive into the topic...

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