[swift-users] Announcement: Official Docker Image for Swift now available

Swizzlr me at swizzlr.co
Sat Jan 21 16:10:59 CST 2017

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce that with the assistance of many, many people (see below), we have released an “official" Docker image for Swift <https://hub.docker.com/_/swift/>. 

The image contains everything needed to compile and run a Swift application, reliably and reproducibly. It’s based on Ubuntu 16.04 and has been used in production for many months now. A Docker library image such as this one occupies the top level namespace, so that you can simply write “FROM swift” to refer to the image. It has received extensive auditing for best practices and security by Docker experts, and will be maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers.

I would like to encourage everyone interested to ask questions and offer improvements over on the Github repo <https://github.com/swiftdocker/docker-swift>. Personally, I want to offer my thanks to Haris Amin and Oliver Letterer for their early and pioneering work on Dockerizing Swift, Tianon Gravi for his patient and informative feedback while refining the image; and all those who have contributed to its development <https://github.com/swiftdocker/docker-swift/graphs/contributors>.

Happy coding – I hope you make something excellent with this.

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