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Here is the link you need.


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> Hello all,
> This may be a very weird question. However, please bare with me while
> I explain this.
> I was speaking with a friend over Skype (we're both visually impaired,
> so use Windows for pretty much everything) and my friend asked me to
> develop a program that can take the numbers of vehicles (he's a GTA
> fan, :)) in KMH (kilometers per hour) and convert it into MPH (miles
> per hour). To do this, I chose Swift for this task, as I think it
> might be a good challenge for it. I am using RemObjects Elements to
> use Swift on .NET, Java, Cocoa, and Island to develop applications for
> these platforms. Island is a new platform in RemObjects Elements that
> allows developers to develop applications that use native API
> functions from the operating system. For instance, on Windows, I could
> directly (without any imports) use CreateWindowEx and all that to
> create a new window. Sadly this cannot be ported to Mac OS X, as Cocoa
> is reserved for that. :)
> Anyways, back to the topic I'm trying to resolve. My friend gave me
> too files, specs_cars.txt and specs_motorcycles.txt. Both files are
> attached to this email (specs_cars.txt is nearly 45 KB in length and
> specs_motorcycles.txt is about 3.9 KB).
> So here's my question: I'm on .NET, so yeah, but how would I go about
> using regular expressions to only search with lines that contain KMH
> (I'll show you how I want it to be done) and replace the numbers of
> KMH, along with the KMH itself, with MPH numbers followed by MPH? If
> you guys could help me solve this, I would be grateful, as I don't
> want to develop an entire parser for something like this, so regular
> expressions seem to be the way to go.
> Allow me to show you: In the specs_motorcycles.txt file, this:
> 0-100kmh: 3.9s
> Should be replaced with:
> 0-62.14kmh: 3.9s
> Now, this looks simple, but what about something like:
> Top speed: 218 kmh
> to be replaced with:
> Top speed: 135.5 kmh
> I hope you see my problem. I hope you can help me through this, and we
> can solve it together. :)
> --
> Signed,
> Ethin D. Probst
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