[swift-users] question about swift and c callbacks

Yang Yang cometyang at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 13:17:00 CST 2016

I try to wrap a c library in swift package named Test.
The code looks like this:


struct MyParams {
int (*func)();

typedef struct MyParams MyParams;

#include "Test1.h"

static int test(){
  return 0;

void myTest()
MyParams params;
params.func = test;

Then I try to import the package into swift code and use
in Test.swift.
import Test

class TestSwift {
  func runtest(){

However, the compiler report link error:
function myTest: error: undefined reference to 'test'

If I comment out
"params.func = test;" in myTest.

It successfully build. How should I handle this situation?


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