[swift-users] Using Swift Package Manager with C++

Vinicius Vendramini vinivendra at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 15:42:40 CST 2016

I’m having issues using C++ code with the Swift PM. Simple examples work fine as long as I don’t use anything in the C++ standard library, otherwise the programs don’t compile.

My guess is that the Swift PM internally uses clang (as opposed to clang++) to compile C++ code, and while clang can compile normal C++ code it can’t link against the C++ standard library. Is that it?

The second example on the link below shows working C++ code with Swift. If I try to add a simple call to std::cout, for instance, the program stops compiling.

Thanks for any help :)

link: http://ankit.im/swift/2016/05/21/creating-objc-cpp-packages-with-swift-package-manager/ <http://ankit.im/swift/2016/05/21/creating-objc-cpp-packages-with-swift-package-manager/>

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