[swift-users] lldb not working when C module includes a header outside of it's /include dir

Andrey Fidrya af at zabiyaka.com
Thu Nov 10 13:39:43 CST 2016

Hi All,

Update: I've found that debugging works if C module is in a separate repository. So, this problem is only present if there are two modules in Sources/ dir of the same repo. It doesn't matter if headers are located in /usr/local/include or in other location.


> On 09 Nov 2016, at 22:48, Andrey Fidrya <af at zabiyaka.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> When C module includes a header outside of module's include/ directory and
> not residing in /usr/local/include or /usr/include, lldb stops showing variable
> values for the entire application.
> I've created a ticket with a test project and additional details in the bug tracker,
> any help is appreciated:
> https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-3169 <https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-3169>
> Andrey

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