[swift-users] how to ``swift build`` C library cleanly without using -Xcc -Xlinker and -Xswiftc

Martin Man mman at martinman.net
Thu Oct 20 09:25:13 CDT 2016

Hi guys,

I’m wrapping three little native C libraries using SPM to a nice swifty modules. Say cmod1, cmod2, and cmod3. They all in the and are dependencies of a bigger project.

Since these legacy C libraries have headers in various ways incompatible with SPM I’m also providing my own custom module.modulemap inside of Sources/cmod1/include folder which exports only certain headers.

The module.modulemap is in pretty standard form with relative path to the header

module cmod1 {
header “cmod1/header1.h”
export “*”
link “cmod1"

When using ``swift build`` to build the module, C sources compile fine but switc bails out when parsing modulemap because it can not find headers referenced from header1.h with an error message like this

<module-includes>:1:10: note: in file included from <module-includes>:1:
#include “/projects/something/Sources/cmod1/include/cmod/header1.h"
/projects/something/Sources/cmod1/include/cmod1/header1.h:18:10: error: ‘cmod1/header2.h' file not found

Now I know that I can give swiftc correct -Xswiftc -Ipath switch and then it builds cleanly, but this means that plain ``swift build`` never succeeds…

Q1: Is my assumption correct that the ultimate goal of mine is to make the swift package build cleanly using just ``swift build`` without providing any commandline flags?
Q2: When build of a certain package cmod1 requires command line flags -Xcc -Xlinker and -Xswiftc, what’s the correct way to pass them in when such package is a dependency of bigger project and which gets git pulled and compiled as part of outer package build?

thanks for your time, unfortunately the sources of these packages can not be made public yet but I think I can generate a simple broken project on github if anyone wants to take a look...


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