[swift-users] Will it be better if `fallthrough` works with `label` in nested `switch - case`?

Zhao Xin owenzx at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 21:44:17 CDT 2016

I thought below code would work. It didn't.

let count = 1

outerSwitch: switch count {

case 0, 1:

    let buttonId = 0

    switch  buttonId {

    case NSAlertFirstButtonReturn:

        print("do something")

    case NSAlertSecondButtonReturn:

        print("do something")

    case NSAlertThirdButtonReturn:

        print("do something")

        fallthrough outerSwitch // error here





    print("do extra things")


So I have to use `if - else if - else` instead. I think if `fallthrouh`
works with `label`, the code will be more elegant.

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