[swift-users] Binary Operator '??' cannot be applied to operands of type 'T?' and 'Never'

Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Thu Oct 6 02:21:35 CDT 2016

I’ve build a custom operator for this: https://gist.github.com/DevAndArtist/dad641ee833e60b02fd1db2dbb488c6a

infix operator ?! : NilCoalescingPrecedence

func ?!<T>(optional: T?, noreturn: @autoclosure () -> Never) -> T {
   switch optional {
   case .some(let value):
      return value
   case .none:

// Usage
let test: Int? = nil

test ?! fatalError("Message")

Adrian Zubarev
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Am 6. Oktober 2016 um 05:35:53, Jonathan Hull via swift-users (swift-users at swift.org) schrieb:

I used to be able to use ?? with fatalError(“Message”) to trap with a custom message in case of nil. This no longer works in Swift 3 (I think because of the update to never type)
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