[swift-users] IOKit and USB devices with swift 3

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Mon Sep 26 05:16:37 CDT 2016

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> Next, unless you absolutely have to, I’d avoid getting between IOServiceMatching and IOServiceAddMatchingNotification.  These two have unusual memory management behaviour (IOServiceMatching returns a +1 reference and IOServiceAddMatchingNotification consumes that reference).  It looks like the current SDK has the right annotations for this but it’s still easy to run into trouble.

And, and if you do get between these two it’s probably easiest to work in ‘CFDictionary space’ rather than try to treat this stuff as a Swift dictionary.  This will help:

func CFDictionarySetValue(_ dict: CFMutableDictionary, _ key: String, _ valueObj: AnyObject) {
    let keyObj = key as NSString
    withExtendedLifetime(keyObj) {
        CFDictionarySetValue(dict, Unmanaged.passUnretained(keyObj).toOpaque(), Unmanaged.passUnretained(valueObj).toOpaque())

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