[swift-users] Creating a NSAttributedString from HTML

Félix Cloutier felixcca at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 14 10:43:37 CDT 2016

I'm trying to create a NSAttributedString from its HTML representation in Swift 3 (from the Xcode 8 GM build). However, this doesn't work:

> import Foundation
> import AppKit
> let html = "<i>hello world</i>"
> let data = html.data(using: .utf8, allowLossyConversion: true)!
> let attributed = NSAttributedString(HTML: data, documentAttributes: nil)

The error that I get in the REPL (which is essentially identical to the one I get in an Xcode project) is:

> error: ambiguous use of 'init(HTML:documentAttributes:)'
> let str = NSAttributedString(HTML: data!, documentAttributes: nil)
>           ^
> found this candidate
> found this candidate

How should I do it? And perhaps more importantly, what's being done to allow me to figure it out myself?


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