[swift-users] Method of same name is shadowing a property in Swift 3

Hooman Mehr hooman at mac.com
Tue Sep 13 17:13:55 CDT 2016

As I see it, this is serious bug. In Swift 3.0, parameter labels (or lack of them) are supposed to be a part of the function name. 
Otherwise, the two `key` definitions would create a name collision and should have been rejected in the first place. This should not happen, because only `key(at:)` should be treated as a method pointer and not `key`. Even the following example:

protocol QueryRow {
    var key: Any { get }
    func key(_ index: UInt) -> Any?

should not create a collision as method pointer now is `key(_:)` and not `key`. I guess the reason this is happening is some attempt at backward compatibility, but this is clearly causing a serious bug. Have you reported it?

> On Sep 13, 2016, at 1:13 PM, Jens Alfke via swift-users <swift-users at swift.org> wrote:
> One of my co-workers just noticed a problem with the (bridged) API of our Objective-C framework, when used from Swift 3 (but not earlier). We have a class CBLQueryRow that includes the following:
> 	@property (readonly) id key;
> 	- (nullable id) keyAtIndex: (NSUInteger)index;
> In Swift this becomes
> 	open var key: Any { get }
> 	open func key(at index: UInt) -> Any?
> The problem is that any reference to `key` now seems to refer to a pointer to the method, not to the property, leading to compiler diagnostics like the following (where `row` is a CBLQueryRow):
> TaskListsViewController.swift:95:40: warning: cast from '(UInt) -> Any?' to unrelated type 'String' always fails
>         cell.textLabel?.text = row.key as? String
>                                ~~~~~~~ ^   ~~~~~~
> That’s a warning not an error, but obviously at runtime the `as?` would always fail and result in nil.
> This is rather bad for us, since the `key` property is a crucial part of the API, while the `key()` method that pre-empts it is obscure and little-used.
> I can reproduce this in a playground in Xcode 8 like so:
> protocol QueryRow {
>     var key: Any { get }
>     func key(at index: UInt) -> Any?
> }
> var row: QueryRow
> row.key as? String
> In addition to the valid error about `row` being uninitialized, I also get the cast failure.
> What’s the best workaround for this?
> —Jens
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