[swift-users] Is 12:01:00A.M in DataFormatter.localizedString correct?

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Mon Aug 29 01:53:53 CDT 2016

> On Aug 28, 2016, at 10:19 PM, Michael Nisi via swift-users <swift-users at swift.org> wrote:
> The 12-hour clock will always remain a mystery to me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12-hour_clock <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12-hour_clock>
> “Likewise, some U.S. style guides recommend either clarifying "midnight" with other context clues, such as specifying the two dates between which it falls, or not referring to midnight at all. For an example of the latter method, "midnight" is replaced with "11:59 p.m." for the end of a day or "12:01 a.m." for the start of a day.

Weird; that seems like a useless complication to add.

There’s really no ambiguity about 12:00 AM/PM. AM and PM toggle the instant the clock strikes 12. So “12:00 AM” is midnight because the time just flipped from PM to AM.

—Jens [a US resident who admits 12-hour time is ungainly, but finds 24-hour time cold and soulless]
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