[swift-users] DWARF without DSYM

Jordan Rose jordan_rose at apple.com
Fri Aug 26 13:37:54 CDT 2016

I suppose it can, but in theory the module that goes into the dSYM wouldn't be the same as the one that gets used by clients of a library. (Example: the one in the dSYM needs to have info about private types.) Sean can probably explain better than I can.


> On Aug 26, 2016, at 9:36, Dmitry Shevchenko <dmishe at google.com> wrote:
> I see. I thought LLDB can import modules independently of sources, isn't that what target.swift-module-search-paths option is for?
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 4:15 PM Jordan Rose <jordan_rose at apple.com <mailto:jordan_rose at apple.com>> wrote:
> Plain DWARF isn't sufficient to debug a Swift program (we actually stuff the entire swiftmodule into the dSYM), but if you just want to trace execution you should be able to use -gline-tables-only.
> Jordan
> > On Aug 25, 2016, at 13:10, Dmitry Shevchenko via swift-users <swift-users at swift.org <mailto:swift-users at swift.org>> wrote:
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> > Can swiftc generate debug info without a separate dSYM bundle? -g option looks to always generate a dSYM.
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