[swift-users] Defer with local variable's state

Sebastian Hagedorn sebastian at iosphere.de
Thu Aug 11 09:16:14 CDT 2016

We often write code that returns early, but has to make sure a bit of code (e.g., a completion handler) is always called whenever we return, which seems like a great use case for defer. I started to write this:

func execute(with completion: ((Bool) -> Void)?) {
	var success = false
	defer {
		// should always execute with the current state of success at that time

	guard … else {
		// completion is expected to be executed with false

	success = true

	// completion is expected to be executed with true

However, it seems that defer copies the state of success, which means any update to the variable is not respected, and the completion block is always called with false.

Is there a way to make this work? I could image to call a function within the defer block that evaluates the success (e.g., depending on the state of an instance variable), but using a local variable seems to encapsulate this a lot better.

Thanks for reading and any advice in advance.

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