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Swift-Users isn't really the best place to discuss Apple's frameworks, but
if you give a bit more detail we may be able to help you.
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> i am using a Macbook Pro running El Capitan (i ran the update today) with the latest version of Xcode. i tried
> to test the practice app on my iPad  (i am updating it to iOS 9.3.2 right now)
> i am a student, i have taken all of my programming classes but the school's agreement with Apple does not
> allow them to cover in-app purchases. i have followed the instructions from the book "iOS 9 app development
> essentials" to create a practice app to code & test a built-in in app purchase to unlock built in features. my
> purchaseViewController is FULL of errors.  i have no idea how to fix
> the errors. i have built an app that needs to include several in app purchases, but i desperately need help with
> this and my instructor has never created an in app purchase so she doesn't know how to help me. i would
> very much appreciate being able to send my test app to the support team so that a technician could comment
> out the bad code, and add the correct code so that i can see where i went wrong, and hopefully get instruction
> on how to create several in app purchases for the app i wish to get into the app store.
> this is the response I got from Apple-
> Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS). Our
> engineers have reviewed your request and have concluded that there is no
> supported way to achieve the desired functionality given the currently
> shipping system configurations.
> If you would like for Apple to consider providing an iAP sample in Swift
> in the future, please submit an enhancement request via the Bug Reporter
> tool at <https://developer.apple.com/bug-reporting/>.
> While a Technical Support Incident (TSI) was initially debited from your
> Apple Developer Program account for this request, we have assigned a
> replacement incident back to your account.
> Thank you for taking the time to file this report. We truly appreciate
> your help in discovering and isolating issues.
> Im posting this here because I wonder how many other people have
> experienced the same problem and how they’ve overcome it. I really feel
> ripped off. I chose to learn to develop for iOS for particular reasons, and
> now at the end of school, I’m about to graduate without having been taught
> an obviously vital skill that a developer should absolutely posses. I’ve
> looked for help in the developer forums to no avail…I’ve TRIED to make
> sense of what documentation I could find provided by Apple to no avail.  Ya
> see, my class had barely begun to touch Objective-C when Swift was
> officially released out of beta. The class immediately jumped to Swift. I
> have found a few online courses that say they teach what I need to know but
> I just don’t have confidence in these classes. Must I learn Objective-C to
> accomplish this?? Or does anyone here have any feasible solution to offer
> as advice?? If I had known that this precious skill would not be taught to
> me at this school, I would have sought alternatives. A rep at Apple told me
> that she knew of ONE school that was definitely teaching this material…of
> course it is out of my state and I cannot afford to go there, not even for
> 1 class to learn what I seek. I am in Texas.
> Thanks in advance for any help :)
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