[swift-users] SCNetworkReachabilityFlags beta 4 issue

Jon Shier jon at jonshier.com
Fri Aug 5 17:09:10 CDT 2016

	I’m attempting to port a library to Xcode 8 beta 4 and have run into a peculiar issue with SCNetworkReachabilityFlags. Prior to beta 4, this extension on SCNetworkReachabilityFlags which provided convenience Bool properties worked just fine:

extension SCNetworkReachabilityFlags {
    var isLocalAddress: Bool {
        return contains(.isLocalAddress)

    var isDirect: Bool {
        return contains(.isDirect)

Now, it throws an error:

instance member 'isLocalAddress' cannot be used on type ‘SCNetworkReachabilityFlags’

Now, this is rather peculiar, since other OptionSets I create with options and properties of the same name work fine. There must be something peculiar about SCNetworkReachabilityFlags. If I change the properties to no longer match the option values, it builds fine. Is this a bug? If it is, I’m assuming it’s better to report it to Apple rather than swift.org <http://swift.org/>, or should I do both?

Jon Shier
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