[swift-users] Strong Reference Cycle

Grzegorz Leszek grzesiek.leszek at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 17:06:08 CDT 2016

Hello Swift Community,

According to the Swift Programming Language Book:

“A strong reference cycle can also occur if you assign a closure to a
property of a class instance, and the body of that closure captures
the instance.”

Excerpt From: Apple Inc. “The Swift Programming Language.” iBooks.

Does it mean that example below is valid? ( no need to use capture list ):

import Swift

class A {}

class Foo {
    var object = A()
    func bar() {
        Bar().start {

class Bar {
    func start(completion: () -> ()) {

As far as I understand, Leak will occur when class Bar stores
completion in the property. But are there any other edge cases ?

Greg Leszek

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