[swift-users] Can Swift 2.3 frameworks be used with a Swift 3.0 app?

zh ao owenzx at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 10:59:36 CDT 2016

Not with current Swift 3. Currently, the developing team make efforts on
releasing Swift 3 together with iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 in September.

The primary goal of this release is to solidify and mature the Swift
language and development experience. While source breaking changes to the
language have been the norm for Swift 1 through 3, we would like the Swift
3.x (and Swift 4+) languages to be as source compatible with Swift 3.0 as
reasonably possible. However, this will still be best-effort: if there is a
really good reason to make a breaking change beyond Swift 3, we will
consider it and find the least invasive way to roll out that change (e.g.
by having a long deprecation cycle).



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> No, this is not possible. All of the code in a single process needs to be
> compiled with the same version of Swift.
> How long will this be the case? The product I work on is distributed
> primarily as a compiled framework. If we port any of it to Swift we’d
>  first need some assurance of binary compatibility.
> (Also, if you really mean *all* of the code in a process, that implies
> that Apple can’t implement any system frameworks in Swift. So it seems that
> this question ties in with the earlier one of “how long do we have to copy
> multi-megabyte compatibility shim libraries into our apps that use Swift?”)
> ((At the risk of sounding flamey: this sort of confirms my rule of thumb
> that Swift version numbers have their decimal points misplaced. IMHO, ABI
> stability is a requirement for a true 1.0 release of a language that has
> dynamic loading.))
> —Jens
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