[swift-users] Class extension issues (Xcode 7.3 (7D175))

Victor Leong victor.leong at visiercorp.com
Tue Jun 7 18:48:30 CDT 2016

Hey guys,

I'm starting to see problems related struct namespacing with extensions.
For example:

I have the following definition in file: "aaa.swift":
public struct aaa {
   public struct bbb {
      public struct ccc{

I have a second find: "bbb.swift" that tries to use:
aaa.bbb.ccc but it would say ccc is not a member of aaa.bbb.

If I move the code to file "aaa.swift" then the compile would work.

What I noticed is that this isn't deterministic either, it would happen for
only a few namespaces in certain files.

Am I doing something wrong?

*Victor Leong *|* Software Developer*
victor.leong at visiercorp.com
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