[swift-users] Discrepancy between sharing internal Swift symbols with Obj-C when in an app vs a framework target

Kevin Lundberg kevin at klundberg.com
Sat Jun 4 18:45:57 CDT 2016

Its not just methods, but types themselves. Even if this was a solution
I'd still have to manually fix all build issues by prepending dynamic to
everything that needs it :(

On 6/4/2016 2:56 PM, Austin Zheng wrote:
> This is probably a solution to a different issue, but what happens if
> you declare your "should be visible from Objective-C" swift methods as
> 'dynamic'?
> Austin
>> On Jun 4, 2016, at 11:55 AM, Jens Alfke via swift-users
>> <swift-users at swift.org <mailto:swift-users at swift.org>> wrote:
>>> On Jun 4, 2016, at 11:29 AM, Kevin Lundberg via swift-users
>>> <swift-users at swift.org <mailto:swift-users at swift.org>> wrote:
>>> However objc code inside the same framework as the swift code in
>>> question should ideally be able to see internal swift symbols as
>>> well, as they are within the same module.
>> I agree; I didn’t realize that was your situation. I haven’t tried
>> doing this myself. It sounds like a bug.
>> —Jens
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