[swift-users] Coding style for internal/private variables

Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Wed Jun 1 11:39:03 CDT 2016

A little bit off-topic: Is there any way to create autocompletion shortcuts in Xcode that will show only private, internal or both values of an instance?

class Foo {
    private var integer: Int = 0
    internal var string: String = "foo"
    internal func boo() {}

let instance = Foo()

instance. at p  
        |[V] Int integer |
// where @p is an autocompletion shortcut for Xcode that will filter private vars, functions etc.
// when you choose one `@p` will be replaced

// or @i for internal
instance. at i  
        |[M] Void   boo()  |
        |[V] String string |
Something like this would be handy.

Adrian Zubarev
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Am 1. Juni 2016 um 18:23:46, Tino Heth (2th at gmx.de) schrieb:

I never liked the underscores (so for me, they have been the best choice to mark stuff I should not know of in Cocoa ;-).  
For several years, I prefixed instance variables with "m", but stopped doing so after a talk about bad habits in writing Java code:  
It is like Hungarian notation, which also puts redundant information into names — and if even Java-folks think it's anachronistic… ;-)  

Objective-C lacked some features that Swift has, so workarounds had been created; but those shouldn't be carried over (by the way: It's similar with file names and those extensions, and a modern file system for OS X is years overdue ;-)
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