[swift-users] Printing large hexadecimal values

Barry Gilhuly bgilhuly at redmaples.ca
Wed May 25 12:46:43 CDT 2016

String() has a format: init variant:

                 let myNum = 0x85f3
                 let numString = String(format:"%08x", myNum)
                 print( "The number is: \(numString)")

// prints:  The number is: 000085f3

Although, in playground (7.3.1, swift 2.2) this doesn't work quite right:
// prints: The number is: ("%08x", 34291)\n"

On 5/25/16 1:16 PM, Ken Burgett via swift-users wrote:
> I really shouldn't have to ask this question for a variety of other 
> languages, but print format conversion in Swift a black box to me.
> I wish to print a 64-bit unsigned integer as 8 hexadecimal digits, and 
> I can't find any documentation on this.  Please advise.

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