[swift-users] Need documentation on how to import C header into Swift 3.0

Ken Burgett kenb at iotone.io
Sat May 21 10:42:15 CDT 2016

Hi Joe,

Can you point me to a good example of how to build a Swift 3.0 module 
that wraps some C code?  I have searched, but keep finding Swift 2.2 
documentation and it all seems to involve connecting to Objective-C, 
while my interests are accessing C code on a Linux platform, using the 
latest Ubuntu Linux 14.04 version of the Swift 3.0 toolchain.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ken Burgett
Principal Software Engineer
Email: kenb at iotone.io
Office: 530.693.4449
Mobile: 831.332.6846
URL: www.iotone.co

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