[swift-users] Unicode problem

Nabeel Imtiaz nimtiazm at gmail.com
Sun May 8 07:27:40 CDT 2016


I am having problem with emojis’ rendering. Emojis like \u{F3A4} and \u{F3B5} print question mark instead. They begin with number “F”. Whereas the emojis beginning with non-F number render just fine. Is there any way to fix it? 

I also noticed that if it make \u{F3A4} to \u{1F3A4} instead, it renders correctly. So I tried the old-school way of traversing the characters and putting 1 before F but I can’t because str.debugDescription.characters only gives me 1 character and nothing to split on. 

Any idea what do I do to simply render these emojis?

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