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Tue Apr 19 17:57:22 CDT 2016

Thanks for your explanation.

I still think the compiler should not be that smart, causing only itself
could understanding what is going on. It will be a nightmare.


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> Just guessed since I try to separate Swift from Objective-C frameworks.
> Am 19.04.2016 um 03:15 schrieb zh ao:
>> I don't think NSNumber is OK here. As t1 is a struct not a literal value.
> In fact t1 in an OPTIONAL struct.
> That means it can point to anything from `nil` to Int Struct, NSInteger
> and NSNumber.
> AFAIR it automatically bridges to NSNumber as soon as you import
> Foundation or a similiar framework. Same works with String. String is a
> struct used in plain Swift and NSString used with Foundation.
>> If NSNumber is OK. I think the compiler is too smart than it should be.
> Indeed it is. Way to smart.
> It is that smart that it sometimes stands in its own way.
> At least when used with Objective-C. Your question outlines one of those
> strange side effects.
>> Also, you should aware that right side of let y works in print(), but does
>> not work in let, which is not consistent somehow.
> It is consistent.
> You can map an OPTIONAL integer to NSNumber (using Foundation framework)
> but you cannot map an OPTIONAL integer to NSString.
> "But wait a sec, how can NSFount(name: "", size: 0) result in an
> NSNumber?" you may ask.
> I don't now.
> The behaviour of NSFonts +fonttWithName:size: for empty/not found font
> name is not defined in the documentation, so ANY result is correct.
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