[swift-users] Silence 2.2 Warnings in Xcode 7.3

Eric E. Dolecki edolecki at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 12:46:49 CDT 2016

I'm working on a project using Swift 2.1. I upgraded my Xcode to the latest
and now see hundreds of warnings for Swift 2.2 improvements (mostly things
like the change in selector syntax). Is there a way to turn off Swift 2.2
warnings in favor of Swift 2.1 warnings in Xcode?

I can't go in an fix all of the warnings (268 of them) because most of my
team has not yet upgraded their copies of Xcode.

How can I silence these errors? If it were a few, that's okay - but there
are so many in spots that it's difficult to read the code.

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