[swift-users] is inheritdoc available in swift?

Maciej Madaj mmadaj at kaliop.com
Mon Mar 21 13:02:51 CDT 2016


I’m developing SDK for iOS, written purely in Swift - and I wonder is there
a way to use something similar to inheritdoc like in Java? Possible use
case: documentation stored in protocol which later on will be accessible in
objects confronting protocol:

protocol test {
It does the magic! Loren ipsum, long description. Whatever
func magic() -> Int

class TestClass: test {

@inherticdoc? instead of pasting protocol documentation
public fund magic() -> Int {
return 21


so when calling

let x = TestClass()

in quick help I would see „It does the magic! (…)” - without tedious
copy&paste and managing in many places.

Default behavior looks to omit it all along.

Best regards.
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