[swift-users] Swift on a cluster?

Graymalk Meow graymalk.from.wow at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 12:12:36 CDT 2016


Two things.

1. Has anyone run swift programs on a cluster?  Is it possible?  You can
take that as meaning I am interested in giving it a try. Googling this
turns up something super confusing: swift-lang.org
Is this the same language?  If it isn't then there is a real naming problem

My interest stems from a love of the Apple world and wanting to somehow
include it in some work I'm doing comparing the performance of
multiple languages in parallel systems. But my goal is not to make this
particular Swift parallel if it isn't already, so if I can't
relatively easily make some parallel programs with it then I'll have to
pass. And by relatively easily, I mean...  If I can use it with
OpenMPI, OpenMP, or OpenCL (using CUDA or, if I just run it on my Mac, then
OpenGL, but the clusters have CUDA) AND if I can at least compile for
different platforms (CentOS Linux and Raspbian Linux) then we're in
business. Googling is unhelpful because of the two languages one name
problem. The CentOS systems are large heterogeneous clusters that don't
presently have Swift (either one) on them at all so I might be dead in the
water anyway but I might be able to get them to install it if I can argue
that it'll work. The Raspberries are just my toy cluster that I have full
control over. My Mac beats the crap out of them in performance lol, as it

2.  For fun:

"Meanwhile, the use of the Swift <https://swift.org/> programming language
is exploding, the survey showed. Swift grew faster than any other
technology last year, the survey showed."
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