[swift-users] What novel features of Swift should I show off in an intro-to-Swift talk?

Robert S Mozayeni dev at mzy.me
Wed Mar 2 14:29:24 CST 2016


I’m going to give a relatively quick talk about Swift at my university’s hackathon <http://hackumbc.org/> this weekend. It won’t so much be a “Learn to Write Swift” talk, but rather a shallow review of some of the cool aspects of Swift that might entice a programmer to learn Swift on their own.

I would appreciate suggestions for what kinds of features to talk about, as well as specific code scenarios to best display those features. I’m not limiting the features to those exclusive to Swift. For instance, many developers haven’t encountered Functional Programming, so I might throw some FP into the talk.

My current list of possible features to go over: 

- Type inference
- Optionals
- Protocol Oriented Programming
- Enums (associated values; the ability to implement things like Optional/Result/Either)
- Pattern matching
- Functional features
- Tuples/multiple return values

I’m trying to figure out how much of the talk I want to do in a Playground vs the online IBM Swift Sandbox. The latter, attendees can use to play with Swift regardless of their OS, and without having to install anything. Then again, playgrounds are really impressive. I might do a short demonstration on what Playgrounds can do, then switch to the IBM Sandbox so people can follow along with the subsequent examples.

Thank you!

Staying Swifty,
Robert Mozayeni

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