[swift-users] Command failed due to signal: Illegal instruction: 4

Ryan Lovelett ryan at lovelett.me
Sun Feb 28 08:40:53 CST 2016

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On Fri, Feb 26, 2016, at 10:17 PM, Ryan Lovelett via swift-users wrote:
> I'm trying to compile some code that interacts with FFmpeg and for the
> most part have been making progress. Until I added some AVFilter code.
> Now it is failing to compile with the error: "Command failed due to
> signal: Illegal instruction: 4".
> The log Xcode provided of the build error is attached. All of the source
> code that was used to trigger the error can be found here
> (https://git.lovelett.me/castable/live) on a branch called "swift".

I've gotten an even more succinct example of this failure.

class Test {
    let thing: UnsafeMutablePointer<AVFilterGraph>

    init() {
        self.thing = avfilter_graph_alloc()

I'm trying to debug this. I have downloaded the debugging symbols is
that what I would use to determine a root cause for this? If so could
anyone give me a short introduction into how I'd use them?

>  Should I file a bug for this or am I doing something wrong?
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