[swift-users] Build specific Target instead of all

Max Howell max.howell at apple.com
Wed Feb 17 13:12:44 CST 2016

> It's a known fact thet the SwiftPM is a young project, so i'm not require that it should do all needed things just yet. 
> You mentioned this feature is not there yet .. but i think this feature would be a very common used feature. So where is the correct place to look if this feature is maybe on the roadmap or start a discussion about this feature ?

Feel free to submit a PR, I don’t think we need to discuss it in detail here. I agree it would be really great to get this feature built.
> Another nice to have feature could be another ( not found it, but maybe it exists ):
> Currently with involing 
> swift build
> it reads the Package.swift (recursivly), checking out the Package git repositories and build all at once. A feature to just do that git repository checkout WITHOUT involing a build in one run would be nice.
> ex. swift fetch or swift build —fetch

We have a PR open for this: 

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