[swift-users] statically link the standard library on Linux

Trussell, Brandon Brandon.Trussell at disney.com
Sun Feb 14 15:10:50 CST 2016

AFAIK, the ABI isn’t stable, and therefore whenever a binary is compiled all of its dependencies must also be re-compiled.

- Brandon

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Subject: [swift-users] statically link the standard library on Linux

Whenever I update the installed Linux snapshot, my binaries break, with errors of the form:

[programname]: symbol lookup error: [programname]: undefined symbol: _TFOs7Processau9argumentsGSaSS_

I assume this is the standard library symbol Process.arguments (which is used in my program).

I guess this is because the standard library is not statically linked/embedded in this executable.  This happens by default on OSX, but I guess might not on Linux.

  *   Is that a bug?
  *   Is there a way to force statically link the standard library on Linux, so my binaries work without a recompile each new snapshot?

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