[swift-users] Beginner Questions on IOS Game Programming

Rich De Steno ironrock at verizon.net
Sun Feb 14 07:37:58 CST 2016

I have experience with C++ on Windows as a game creator but I want to 
explore putting them in IOS app form through Swift for the iPhone.  I 
went through the information at www.swift.org and read much of the 
language guide.  I see the material on functions, variables, constants, 
and such, but I did not come across anything on other major subjects, 
such as user input in an app, playing sounds and perhaps wav files in an 
app, and similar subjects that are required in many apps and certainly 
in games. Where can I learn about how to code these types of items.  Is 
there a more comprehensive guide?  Pardon the elementary level of these 
questions, but I had to code all of these types of things out in C++.

Rich De Steno

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