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True and false goes way back to An Investigation of the Laws of Thought on
Which are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities by
George *Boole*, published in 1854.



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> I found using "true/false" Boolean values reduced the code readability
> from the "YES/NO" of objective-c code.
> I'm wondering if others also consider "yes/no" to be simply better.
> A few reasons:
> Yes and no are much more common in every day English. Their concepts and
> meanings are well understood to everyone with little question.
> Concepts of truthfulness and falsehood have a great deal of
> philosophical/moral baggage associated with them and can be very
> subjective. They are not used regularly in every day English. Philosophers
> spend ages debating what is "truth", lawyers spend months arguing over
> who's truth to believe and theologians are ever searching for "a deeper
> truth".
> A code statement like isLightOn = yes makes perfect logical sense in
> English. isLightOn = true does not.
> Considering proposal SE-0005 point 5 is committing to using 'is' bool
> variable names (e.g. isLightOn) should true/false be replaced with yes/no?
> I think it should.
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