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Thank you. I have shared the two posts to my twitter account.


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> I wrote two tutorials to help developers get started with Swift for Linux
> and thought I would share them with the group.
> Swift for Linux part 1 – Building Applications
> <http://masteringswift.blogspot.com/2016/01/swift-for-linux-part-1-building.html>
> :
> *In this first post we will look at several examples that will demonstrate
> how to write and build applications with the Swift port for Linux.  We will
> also create a shell scripts that we can use to create the directory
> structure and minimum files needed to use Swift’s package manager to build
> our applications.*
> Swift for Linux part 2 – Using C libraries with Swift
> <http://masteringswift.blogspot.com/2016/02/swift-for-linux-part-2-using-c.html>:
> *Swift developers coming from Apple’s iOS and OS X environments are use to
> using the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks however these frameworks are not
> available in the Linux environment.  When we develop Linux applications and
> utilities with Swift we need to use the system libraries provided by the
> Linux environment.  In this post will look at how we can use these system
> libraries with our Swift code to build useful applications and utilities.  *
> *In this post we will look at the Glibc module that Apple provides for us
> which includes the majority of the Linux Standard Library.  We will also
> look at how we could create our own modules to add additional system
> libraries not included in the Glibc module.  To demonstrate the concepts
> discussed we will conclude this post by building a simple command line
> utility that will list the IP addresses of the device that it is run on.*
> Jon
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