[swift-users] Package module name collisions

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Have you tried typealias? typealias NewTypeName =


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> Today I introduced a dependency on another project's package with brought
> over a module name that conflicted with one he modules in my project.
> Currently my project has multiple modules (and executables) in the package
> and everything is working well for me. However, when I got this conflict
> today, I was thinking this will be a problem going forward. I'm sure it's
> been solved already by the package manager team, but I haven't figured out
> how to do this from the docs yet.
> An example:
> Package 'A' has a module named 'Base'
> My package also has a module named 'Base'
> When I build, I get a circular ref error now. One way I was thinking I cld
> fix this on my end is to prefix all my module names with my package name
> (seems redundant, of course). Something like 'Base' becomes 'MyAppBase'.
> And my imports could look like so:
> import Foundation
> import Base
> import MyAppBase
> Any thoughts on this? Thx.
> - jason
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