[swift-users] Package module name collisions

Jason Lee jasonlee9 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 19:41:08 CST 2016

Today I introduced a dependency on another project's package with brought over a module name that conflicted with one he modules in my project.

Currently my project has multiple modules (and executables) in the package and everything is working well for me. However, when I got this conflict today, I was thinking this will be a problem going forward. I'm sure it's been solved already by the package manager team, but I haven't figured out how to do this from the docs yet.

An example:
Package 'A' has a module named 'Base'
My package also has a module named 'Base'

When I build, I get a circular ref error now. One way I was thinking I cld fix this on my end is to prefix all my module names with my package name (seems redundant, of course). Something like 'Base' becomes 'MyAppBase'. And my imports could look like so:

import Foundation
import Base
import MyAppBase

Any thoughts on this? Thx.

- jason

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