[swift-users] Build specific Target instead of all

Stefan Bürk stefan.buerk at impactmedia.de
Sun Jan 31 16:12:03 CST 2016

Okay thx .. then we are left with a service spamming way instead of a simple build cmd line argument to compile a single target ;) 

My question was answered, but hopefully there will a nicer way in the future.

Mhh .. came up with an idea of a workaround, but seems to be a mess ... if it works. Have to test it these days if i find some time.

Maybe using following:






Packages.swift is absent

Creating a CMakeLists.txt script ..

An creating an Package.swift based on the needed build target/Util with target setting, using swift build, deleting Package.swift, creating for the next util and so on ..

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On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 12:10 PM, Stefan Bürk <stefan.buerk at impactmedia.de <mailto:stefan.buerk at impactmedia.de> > wrote:

 create XXX git repositories for each entry point looks a litle bit overdone.

I have git repositories with only three or four lines of significant code. That's what we have to do today. Sometimes I think this is a devious design to fill up GitHub with Swift projects.

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