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This was accepted for Swift 3.0:

SE-0019 adds 'swift test' among other things.


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> I've read thru a few posts about XCTest with swift open source (which I'll
> refer to from here on out as swift-os). I'm familiar with XCTest in the
> usual XCode toolchain and use it all the time on my XCode projects.
> However, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it on swift-os.
> My two issues now are:
> 1. I can't even import the XCTest package into my project
> 2. How to bootstrap it
> I know there's been some discussion in that project on github, but it
> seems like the way I've seen others 'solve' this is to just use Xcode if
> I'm on a Mac (which I am). One of my goals for this project is not to have
> to use Xcode (I know I'm making it harder on myself missing out on code
> completion, etc). One side effect of this is I really have to know how all
> these things work.
> Ideally I'd like to just have something like 'swift test' or maybe a
> binary exec that could run my tests for me? Seems like that's the preferred
> way, so maybe just trying to fig out how to solve #1 above is my big
> priority.
> Thanks...
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