[swift-users] what's in the file of .swiftmodule?how to open it?

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Thu Jan 14 08:22:35 CST 2016

Thanks very much for replying.My OS is Ubuntu 14.04, I build swift on it, but there is no swift-ide-test on install directory.Does this tool could use in Ubuntu 14.04?BrsBob

Subject: Re: [swift-users] what's in the file of .swiftmodule?how to open it?
From: jordan_rose at apple.com
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 10:06:04 -0800
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Hi, Bob. A swiftmodule file contains serialized ASTs (and possibly SIL)―it's basically a binary file format equivalent to header files for a C framework or library. There's some more information available in Serialization.rst in the compiler docs.
You can use the swift-ide-test tool to dump the public interface for a module, but the command-line interface is less pretty than it should be:
swift-ide-test -print-module -source-filename=dummy.swift -module-to-print=MyApp
…plus any -I or -F paths necessary to find your module and all its dependencies. If you're on a Mac, you'll need to insert "xcrun -sdk macosx" or "xcrun -sdk iphoneos" at the start to find the system headers.
Hope that helps,Jordan
P.S. This is something we should make easier to do outside of Xcode. In Xcode, you can "Jump to Definition" on an import to see the same public interface.

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