[swift-users] Getting existing Objc to work with Swift on Linux

Dru Satori dru at druware.com
Tue Jan 12 11:10:41 CST 2016

Correct me if I’m wrong. In order for this to work, wouldn’t you need the GnuStep Obj-C libraries compiled under LLVM installed and available on your Linux install to get all of the Foundation bits for Objective-C anyways ?

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>I have some Objective-C that I really want to have work on linux. I saw that core-libs foundation has been implemented for swift so I have some hopes.
>Ideally I’m looking for a self contained example where I can call Objective C code from swift, think command line tool. 
>If this is possible, I’d very much appreciated an example including build steps and directory structure needed.
>Thank you.
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