[swift-users] Swift Package Manager: Linker Flags

Ilija Tovilo ilija.tovilo at me.com
Fri Jan 1 18:48:40 CST 2016

Happy new year everyone! 

I’m writing a wrapper around the LLVM-C API for Swift and thought it’d be fun to use the Swift Package Manager.
So I created a repository for the module.modulemap that includes the relevant .h files (as instructed in Documentation/SystemModules.md in the GitHub repository).

The package itself compiles fine and building the project that includes it works too, except that it doesn’t link. 
The problem is that you have to pass some LLVM linker flags and I have no idea how to do that with the Swift Package Manager.

I’ve searched the tutorials, documentation and the source code but couldn’t find a solution.
Is there a way to add linker flags / compile flags to your Package.swift file?

It would be helpful to pass those flags manually, at least until the package manager is mature enough to handle those things on its own.

Thanks for the help!
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