[swift-users] What are .swift.gyb files?

J. Cheyo Jimenez cheyo at masters3d.com
Fri Dec 25 18:59:23 CST 2015

if I wanted to use that script to generate xctests, how do I feed it a
custom gyb file in? Is there a help file somewhere I can read? I know
this  is not meant for that but it would be useful.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, Brent Royal-Gordon <brent at architechies.com>

> > I'm reading the stdlib source code and I see .gyb files. What are those
> files for?
> gyb stands for Generate Your Boilerplate. It’s a preprocessor the Swift
> team wrote so that when they needed to build, say, ten nearly-identical
> variants of Int, they wouldn’t have to literally copy and paste the same
> code ten times. If you open one of those files, you’ll see that they’re
> mainly Swift code, but with some lines of code intermixed that are written
> in Python. The actual preprocessor itself is in the Swift source repository
> at utils/gyb, though most of the code is in utils/gyb.py.
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> Brent Royal-Gordon
> Architechies
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