[swift-users] How can I view a generated interface from the command line?

swizzlr me at swizzlr.co
Mon Dec 21 20:55:00 CST 2015


A pretty good sort of workaround is to debug an execution context, from which you can use the type lookup command in lldb.

So for instance:


> import CHiRedis
> print(“Hello”)

`swift build && lldb .build/debug/Foo`

In LLDB, set a breakpoint:
`b -f main.swift -l 2`

then run til you hit it:

and finally:

`type lookup redisReply`.

> On 21 Dec 2015, at 21:19, swizzlr <me at swizzlr.co> wrote:
> i.e. without Xcode, how can I see the Swift interface to a C header that’s been supplied by module map?
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom

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